St. Mary's Academy

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This is the lj community for the students of St. Mary's Academy, because we rock. And because we don't talk to each other enough at school. Clearly.

If you are a student at SMA, please join.

Moderators= evenstar_22 and redhead4life77.
You may email us at smagirls@gmail.com if you have any questions/comments.

Posting rules:
-You may complain about teachers, but be tasteful about it. There are limits; know them.
-You may complain about homework. It is encouraged, in fact. :)
-You may complain about boys, but again, be tasteful about it. Don't go overboard.
-You may NOT trash other classes (during spirit week, Doernbecher week, etc), but you may pump up your own class.
-Please, discuss homework, teachers, spirit week, boys, pretty much ANYTHING related to SMA. And many things not related to SMA. Have fun!

The Mods.