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homework sux

Arge, SMA gives us way too much homework. The only reason I like PE is cause we get no homework ever! I've been up till midnight doing homework for the past couple nights and it sucks!!!

Edwin Drood ended last Sunday. :-(   It's sad, but one of my friends bought the CD off-line and is going to burn me a copy, plus I gave Pat 35 dollars (damn that's a lot of money) to order an Edwin Drood DVD of the school play. I wrote a 1 page extra credit paper on Edwin Drood for english class. It was mainly just rambling on about how everyone did such a great job acting in it. I wrote a whole paragraph explaining why Rosie was the best person in that play (I had many reasons too)! Rosie = my hero. too bad she doesn't know i exsist  :-)

Ok, gotta go finish my crappy math homework. ick.

Springbreak - 39 hours and 30 minutes
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