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homework sux

Arge, SMA gives us way too much homework. The only reason I like PE is cause we get no homework ever! I've been up till midnight doing homework for the past couple nights and it sucks!!!

Edwin Drood ended last Sunday. :-(   It's sad, but one of my friends bought the CD off-line and is going to burn me a copy, plus I gave Pat 35 dollars (damn that's a lot of money) to order an Edwin Drood DVD of the school play. I wrote a 1 page extra credit paper on Edwin Drood for english class. It was mainly just rambling on about how everyone did such a great job acting in it. I wrote a whole paragraph explaining why Rosie was the best person in that play (I had many reasons too)! Rosie = my hero. too bad she doesn't know i exsist  :-)

Ok, gotta go finish my crappy math homework. ick.

Springbreak - 39 hours and 30 minutes
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lol, glad you agree. ;-)
I swear St.Mary's isn't that hard. You people just need to learn how to relax & not stress about school. Eventually we're all just going to die anyway so who the fuck cares if you don't do your homework? And if you're really that concerned with being successful in your lifetime because for some odd reason you don't have multiple backup plans and/or parents who will support you while you figure your shit out--you can just get plastic surgery and become a trophy wife. In the grand scheme of things such as LIFE---homework doesn't matter. It's pathetic and sad that people get caught up in it. Don't you have better things to worry about? Is there nothing more important to you than grades and getting into a "good" college? Sad.
meep! i'm a froshie and just trying to stay on top of things. besides, my dad is in contact with every single one of my teachers and gives me 1 hour lectures if i don't do it. that's even sadder
So then your really only going to school because your parents pay for it and will get mad at you for not doing well? Who are you being educated for--your parents or yourself? Here's a bit of advice for you since your new to the high school experience: the more your parents get involved in your education, and the more they take control over it the less your going to want to do your work. It's your life and your education--do what you want with it but don't forget to have fun. Good God if there's anything I won't miss about SMA when I graduate its the amount of energy people put into their homework.
Some people actually care about making a difference in the world.

Just my personal opinion...
thank you tree! *huggles tree* you rock!
Are you saying that people who took time to have fun in their lives can't make a difference in the world? Just because someone may not work as hard at school as they do compared to other things in their lives doesn't mean they can't make a difference...duh. Yes, education is important--but so is everything else. Do you think God is going to smile down on you just because you get straight A's? Ummm no. It doesn't make you any better than anyone else to get good grades. AND REMEMBER: It's NOT what you know, it's WHO you know.
No, I'm saying that if you have a better education you have more options for making a difference. An "I don't care" attitude isn't going to get you anywhere in life.


12 years ago

it was my choice, and mine alone, to come to saint marys. my dad wanted me to go to la salle, but i thought saint marys would be the better choice, and i was right. my dad does pay for school but that's only cause i have no money at all. and yeah, my dad's pi.ssed off that i'm failing 3 classes. that's why he wants me to get my grades up
Well good for you. I'm glad you value your education. I guess since some people struggle to pay for the education we receive at St.Mary's I can understand why those parents would get upset over failing grades. If I were those parents I would feel as if 8 grand were going down the drain. But if you value your education enough to choose to go to St.Mary's, why on earth are you failing 3 classes? And especially during Freshmen year which was a complete waste of time and so ridiculously easy?
Seconded as of tonight. (The original post) If I'd have read this last week, I would agree with the 'fuck the system' comment. An analogy of my life as of this past 10 hours.

Someone's holding me under a tank of water and I can't for the life of me get out.....
seriously, don't stress over homework now. the entire freshman class just stresses waaaaaay too much and it seriously is not that bad. and that's not just relative to junior year, either. freshman year is NOT BAD. if you stop stressing about it, everything will seem soooo much better. trust me, i have experience. and you will too. :)

1776 = AWESOME.

rosie is the coolest.
:-D Thank you, that makes me feel a lot better.

Yes, 1776 is very AWESOME!!!
i second marika on all accounts

just don't streen about homework right now when you could be doing other things, for instance...having fun!

also, if you stress less now, it will seem easier as the years go on
Saint Mary's is LOVE. it's the American School System that sucks. unfortunatly we have to deal with it in order to... whatever. BE GLAD YOU'RE DEALING WITH IT AT SMA!!!!! god. drood cast: i miss you! Rosie is the BOMB
Thanks everyone for your information. Yes, I love SMA with all my heart. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rosie knows you exist, because you have a livejournal and she does too.
who are you? I'm a freshman too. my dad was durdles in the play. My name's lindsay olson
hi lindsay, I'm Julia Gaskill. I don't know if I know you or not.
I think you sat at my table at the freshman retreat, do you have dark blonde hair? I'm really short and I have blondish hair.
Yeah, I think I remember you. I'm not too good with names and faces, but I think I do remember you. Yeah, I've got dark blo.nde hair.
so you're related to Blythe!
I really didn't know Blythe.
But I heard that she was cool, haha.
Random advice:
don't forget about asking Pat for your DVD.
I ordered one of last year's musical, and completely forgot because I assumed that Pat would make an announcement saying something to the effect that the DVDs were in. Oh how wrong I was.
You have to hunt him down!
Just so you know.
thanks so much! i'll make sure to hunt him down tomorrow and make sure he gives me info on the DVDs! Thanks again!